Florence - Italy

FlorencePonte Vecchio

The old bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world and until 1218 it was the only point where people could cross the Arno in Florence. The bridge as we see it today, however, dates back to 1345, after a violent flood had destroyed the previous one. Since then it has been the only bridge to resist the centuries in the city. In World War II, the retreating German troops destroyed all the Florentine bridges except this. In 1966, the Arno flooded in Florence but the bridge bore it miraculously.

Florence - Ponte VecchioVasari Corridor

Over the old bridge you can see a part of the Vasari Corridor. This step runs just above the shops of the bridge and it was built by the Medici family to move from Palazzo Vecchio, to Palazzo Pitti, their private residence, without having to take the streets.

Florence - Ponte VecchioGoldsmith shops

At the time of the construction of the corridor, on the bridge there were many butchers' shops but they gave off unwelcome odors to the members of the Medici family. So in 1593 they had them moved, replacing them with the most decorese goldsmith shops that occupy the shops even now the bridge. At the center of the bridge there is a bust depicting Benvenuto Cellini, the famous goldsmith of the XVI century.

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