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Piazza San Pietro is the square in front of the basilica of San Pietro in the state of Vatican City, Holy See of the Catholic religion. The square took on the aspect with which we see it to day after a restoration that took place between 1656 and 1667 by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Before that moment the square looked formless and not suitable to accommodate thousands of worshippers. Wonderful example of Baroque architecture and town planning, the square is made up of two sections: one closer to the Basilica of trapezoidal shape and the outer oval with the Vatican obelisk in the center.

Rome - Piazza San PietroThe architecture, the Angelus, the Jubilee

From the square you can admire St. Peter's dome in the facade of the Basilica. Called by the Romans "dome" for its imposing size (it has a 42 m diameter) it was designed by Michelangelo, who worked there until his death. All around the perimeter of the square there is an imposing colonnade formed by 284 columns divided into three lanes and topped by 140 statues of saints,3.10 m high. The typical oval colonnade symbolizes the embrace of the Church towards the worshippers.

Every Sunday, thousands of people gather in the square to hear the Angelus by the Pope overlooking from the second window of the top floor, from the apostolic palace located on the right of the square. In 2016 more worshippers are expected to be visiting the Holy Father because this is the year of the Jubilee, the year of remission of sins of the Catholic church. In St. Peter's Square there is also a range of bas-reliefs including the clue "West Ponente" of which Dan Brown speaks in his novel Angels and Demons.

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