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The Pantheon is a monument of ancient Rome built in honor of all the Roman gods. It was built in 27 a.c. , by Augustus’ son-in-law, the consul Agrippa. After several fires, the temple was rebuilt, as we see it today, by Hadrian in 126.

Rome - PantheonThe architecture

The building has a circular structure with a rectangular porch with Corinthian columns. The large circular cell is topped by a dome with a circular aperture with a diameter of 9 meters, called Oculus. The legend sais that despite this openness, the rain never pours inside the Pantheon.

Rome - Pantheon"Chimney effect"

The truth is that the opening creates a "chimney effect" that is, an updraft that causes the crushing of the water drops and for this reason there is a feeling that the rain doesn’t drop in the inside. Moreover, on the floor there are several holes that allow the flowing of the water.

Rome - Pantheon "La Rotonna"

Piazza della Rotonda, better known as the square of the Pantheon, is named from the popular name that was given to the temple in ancient Rome: "la Rotonna", due to its circular shape.

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