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RomePonte Sant’Angelo

Ponte Sant’Angelo connects the center of Rome with the Vatican Tiber. It was built in 134 by Emperor Hadrian in order to connect the center of the city to his Mausoleum and it was in fact known as Hadrian bridge. The name change is due to the apparition of archangel Michael to Pope Gregory the Great in 590 and since then the name "Sant'Angelo" is extended to both the bridge and the castle. On the parapets there are ten statues of angels carved by pupils of Gian Lorenzo Bernini under his direction.

Rome - Ponte Sant’AngeloThe Castle

At the end of the bridge, on the right bank of the Tiber, there is the eponymous castle, although not all the Vatican state is connected to it via the "Passetto di Borgo", a long fortified corridor that allowed the Pope to take refuge in the castle in case of need. After visiting Castel Sant’Angelo, you can reach Piazza San Pietro by walking along via Della Concigliazione.

Rome - Ponte Sant’Angelo"The oldest museums"

The square was completely redesigned by Michelangelo between 1534 and 1538 and commissioned by Pope Paul III. On either sides there are two buildings with symmetrical façades: the new palace and the palace of the Conservatives, now home of the Capitoline museums. They are the oldest museums in the world and the first place where art was accessible to the public and not only by the owners (1734).

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